How to generate valid Voyager Credit Cards

People may have heard of the Voyager credit card. If they are not holders of this type of financial instrument, they may believe that it is just like those issued by major credit card companies like MasterCard, Visa, and Chase.

The latter, however, are mainstream commercial credit card brands while Voyager is a fleet card.

Voyager credit cards can also be used to learn more about the different kinds of credit cards.

I. Differentiating Commercial Credit Cards and Fleet Cards

Fleet cards like Voyager differ from mainstream commercial credit cards through the following disparities:

  1. Using Voyager fleet cards may restrict a consumer’s buying options. For example, if he uses this card to buy fuel, he may be limited by the company to purchasing only a particular kind of fuel such as diesel.
  2. Voyager fleet cardholders may be restricted when it comes to the amount of a product that they are purchasing.
  3. Holders of this special credit card may also be limited when it comes to the time of day or the day of the week as to when to use the financial instrument.
  4. Fleet cards like Voyager may not be associated with credit card brands. Thus, they are affected by the equipment that supports them as well as the price to accept them.
  5. Fleet cardholders can enjoy price reductions on gas, services, as well as other rewards.
  6. Voyager fleet cardholders can enjoy detailed reporting of their transactions. Some may get them in real-time. In this manner, company managers can effortlessly monitor their expenses.

In addition, receipts that employers need to submit would no longer be necessary. Besides Voyager, other kinds of fleet branded credit cards are those issued by Wright Express (Wex).

Both Voyager and Wex carry their own brand name. They are not as restricted as store-branded credit cards.

However, Voyager and Wex are not as universally accepted like the fleet cards that are affiliated with MasterCard or Visa.

Wright Express is supported by its own banking institution. Meanwhile, the US Bank collaborates with Voyager.

These two fleet-branded credit cards can be used at any participating establishments. However, they both need additional setup beyond a customer’s regular credit card processing.

II. Using Dummy Voyager Credit Cards for Educational Purposes

First-time credit cardholders like students and entrepreneurs who are interested in engaging in the payments business should understand the Voyager credit card’s differences from the mainstream credit cards.

With this knowledge, they can now better grasp the information contained in the card. The Voyager online credit card generator is a website that provides additional help for people who would like to know more about this kind of financial instrument.

On the Internet, there are myriads of websites that generate Voyager credit card information.

One of them is This website actually enables visitors to generate credit card details from various credit card-issuing firms like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, and Discover.

It also offers services as a credit card generator with CVV. Following the following steps will lead to generating Voyager credit card information:

  1. Visit
  2. Click the blue “Generate Voyager Credit Card” button.
  3. Look at the right side of the screen and see the values altering.
  4. To get Voyager credit card information in bulk, simply click on the link that states “Bulk Generate Voyager Credit Card Numbers.”

Considering the immensity of the Internet as an information highway, users can always discover a new card generator daily.

Other Voyager credit card generators are websites like and Here is a detailed list:


Most of these websites operate as credit card generator with a name of hypothetical cardholders given.

III. Credit Card Information Yielded by the Bank Card Generator

Users of the Voyager credit card generator will find the resulting details upon clicking the “Generate Voyager Credit Card” button from these websites.

The following are sample information:

Issuing Network: Voyager
Credit Card Number: 8699456739116625
Cardholder’s Name: Amia Webb
Address: Elba Place 4618
Country: Colombia
CVV: 727
Credit Card Expiration Date: 9/2024

Apparently, users would observe that the information contained in fleet cards like Voyager have similar types of details found on mainstream commercial credit cards.

The example above indicates “Voyager” as the credit card issuing company. The credit card number also has 16 digits like those of Visa and MasterCard (except American Express credit cards, which have only 15, making it a unique format).

Naturally, the Voyager credit card would include the name of the cardholder and his or her address. The cardholder’s country of residence is also included.

Just like in mainstream commercial credit cards, the Voyager fleet card also has a Card Verification Value (CVV) that serves as the security code found at the reverse part of the card.

Finally, the Voyager credit card information produced by the online credit card generator also has an expiration date, which, in this example, is September 2024.

To confirm the similarity of information yielded by the Voyager credit card generator and that of mainstream credit cards, take a look at the following resulting details from

Issuing Network: Visa
Credit Card Number: 4560369779325417
Cardholder’s Name: Humberto Young
Address: Andover Court 128
Country: Poland
CVV: 822
Credit Card Expiration Date: 11/2022

The types of information yielded are certainly similar. The primary purpose of the Voyager credit card generator is to obtain mock Voyager credit card details for information validation and testing purposes.

Payments business entrepreneurs can use this website when they are evaluating their trial offers or the mobile payment application they are offering.

Just like mainstream commercial credit cards, Voyager credit card numbers are embossed on the obverse portion of the bank card.

Voyager credit cards always begin with these four numbers: 8699. Based on the Major Industry Identifier (MII) table, the first number of credit cards indicates the system that they belong to.

In the MII table, the number 8 pertains to “Telecommunications and Other Industry Assignments.”

Since Voyager is a fleet card and is usually used for fuel, it may be used for “other industry assignments” such as getting gas pumped on one’s vehicle.

The second number also has a correlation in the MII table, which is “Merchandising and Banking.”

As the Voyager credit card is used primarily for business transactions like purchasing fuel and that it is issued by the US Bank, it rightfully belongs to this numerical category.

These numerical figures pertain to the Luhn Algorithm, which is employed by credit card firms.

To better understand it, consider the American Express (AMEX) payment cards. These are mainstream credit cards, which start with the number 3 as their MII.

This refers to “Travel and Entertainment.” AMEX payment cards’ two beginning numbers maybe 34 or 37. This means that they are a part of these types or systems of an industry.

Furthermore, the number 4 refers to “Banking and Financial,” which is appropriate because the AMEX credit cards belong to these businesses.

The number 7 correlates to “Petroleum and Other Future Industry Assignments” in which the American Express Company can have partnerships with other companies involving their credit cards.

Visa and MasterCard-issued credit cards are also associated with “Banking and Financial” because they begin with the numbers 4 and 5, respectively.

JCB credit cards start with the combination of the numbers 3 and 5. This means that the financial instrument belongs to “Travel and Entertainment” and the “Banking and Financial” industries.

Apparently, the Voyager credit card numbers generated follow the Luhn algorithm. By looking at the features of this credit card, neophyte cardholders and entrepreneurs would learn more about this type of financial instruments.

They should always remember that this information generated from online credit card generators are merely used for educational purposes.

They will not find real credit card numbers that work from these web pages. Moreover, they will not be able to consider these websites as a credit card generator with balance.

Using them in real situations would be inapplicable and inappropriate since these are not authentic information accredited by legitimate financial establishments.