How to Generate Valid Visa Credit Cards

People who are engaged in the mobile payments business may have heard about the concept of the Visa credit card generator.

Furthermore, Visa credit cards have been well-known among the world’s credit cardholders. But what exactly are credit card generators? What is the main purpose of users who employ them?

To better understand the objectives behind these websites, it would first be best to discuss the concept of credit cards.

I. Brief Account of the Beginnings of Credit Cards

People have always dubbed credit cards as having the magical power to make myriads of great things possible for them.
In today’s money-driven world, credit cards have been widely employed worldwide, especially in developed countries like the United States and Canada.

Being among the state-of-the-art and advantageous innovations in the finance industry, credit cards have made business transactions between companies and customers quick and effortless.

Credit cards are a form of unsecured loan. Banks trust clients who are assumed to be good payers with a certain amount also known as the credit limit.

These financial institutions hold the belief that the credit card holders would honor their obligations of paying their credit card dues on time and in good faith.

New York City serves as the birthplace of credit cards. These financial objects crystallized in 1946 when John Biggins, a banker from Brooklyn, New York launched the Charg-It card.

Issued by a financial establishment, the Charg-IT card was a form of a bank card used by consumers.

Clients who went shopping using the Charg-It card had their purchases directed to the bank of Biggins.

This company acted as the middleman, which paid the merchant first on behalf of the client, and then received the customers’ payment later on.

One famous account about the beginnings of the credit card is when a restaurant diner named Frank McNamara forgot to bring his wallet.

He was on a business dinner at the Major’s Cabin Grill in New York City adjacent to the iconic Empire State Building.

After a couple of months, McNamara and his friend named Ralph Schneider went back to the restaurant. They brought miniature cardboard and a suggestion.

Apparently, the Diners Club credit card is the offshoot of McNamara’s inadvertent experience. This restaurant where he dined is now well-known as the birthplace of this internationally recognized credit card.

After one year since its launch in 1950, Diners Club already gained 20,000 cardholders.

II. The Advent of Modern Payment Methods Affecting Businesses

After nearly a century since the inception of credit cards, modes of payment have evolved. People can now transact using innovative and cloud-based methods like electronic payments and other mobile payment applications.

Among the examples of these applications are mobile commerce applications, cryptocurrency applications, digital wallets, and peer-to-peer payment platforms.

Entrepreneurs who intend to engage in the modern payment system business have various options to choose from, considering the vast array of new payment techniques.

Among their choices is using credit cards. When studying this payment mode in today’s transactions, business people may first study the industry.

Using credit card generators online may enable them to understand how settling financial balances using the bank card is handled.

III. Bank Card Generators: Nature and Purpose of These Websites

People who intend to be a part of the credit card or payment business may study the purpose of credit card generators online.

There are actually plenty of websites that provide credit card information. Some of them are credit card generators with CVV or the secure three-digit number called Card Verification Value.

The credit card numbers generated from credit card generators are actually not real. Having no value in practical situations, they do not function as an actual credit card.

Credit card information taken from credit card generators are usually employed for purposes of verifying information and for testing data.

In addition, generating valid credit card numbers can be used when testing an e-commerce webpage, software, and applications that need mock information for validation purposes.

IV. Useful Information Yielded by Bank Card Generators

Most credit card generators are platforms that give 100 percent authentic credit card numbers. These numerical figures are totally random.

Credit card generators provide valid card numbers that are made using similar numbering formulas as to those of genuine credit card numbers.

The following numbers are Major Industry Identifiers or MII. These are credit card number prefixes which are assigned to the bank cards:

  • The number 4 found in Visa credit cards pertains to the “Banking and Financial” industry.
  • The number 5 found in MasterCard credit cards refers to the “Banking and Financial” industry.
  • The number 3 found in Discover credit cards refers to the “Travel and Entertainment” industry.

People who have employed credit card generators may find other information like the cardholder’s name, country, and the three-digit CVV.

Websites that serve as Visa credit card generators are the following:


These credit card generator websites provide the following credit card details:

  1. 100-Percent Valid Credit Card Numbers
  2. Random Cardholder Names
  3. Random Three-digit CVV Security Code
  4. Random Credit Card Expiration Date
  5. Random Credit Card Credit Limit

This information gives people more knowledge about credit cards and how they can use them in their day-to-day and business transactions.

V. Example of Information Given by Bank Card Information Generators

According to these websites, the following is the information yielded when using this credit card generator website:

Issuing Credit Card Network: Visa
Credit Card number: 4902331414568550
Cardholder’s Name: Tyler Evans
Home Address: 40 Fairway Drive
Country of Residence: Switzerland
CVV: 538
Credit Card Expiration Date: 08/2027

The information provided follows the format of the Visa-issued credit cards.

People who use these websites should take note that Visa credit cards always begin with numbers “45,” “44,” “47,” and “49.”

These numbers, especially the number four, pertain to Visa’s major industry identifier (MII), which is “Banking and Financial.”

VI. Getting Credit Card Numbers for Visa-Branded Bank Cards

Visa is a well-known bank card brand issued by Visa Incorporated, a multinational financial services firm.

Headquartered in Foster City, California, Visa is the second largest credit and debit card payment entity in the world after China’s Union Pay.

With over 323 million cardholders, the monolithic Visa is widely accepted by more than eight million merchants.

Visa may be a popular choice when generating mock credit card information. This is because the company has been recognized as an enabler of seamless transfer of electronic funds worldwide.

Through the Visa-branded bank cards issued by financial establishments like debit cards, credit cards, and gift cards, the company has made over 100 billion transactions in 2014.

This staggering number is validated by the aggregate transaction volume worth $6.8 trillion. The Visa card offers plenty of advantages relevant to the modern cardholder’s lifestyle such as travel, cash-back, and other rewards.

Getting Visa credit card information can be obtained through free online credit card generators. Among these websites is

People who would like to test payment applications or offer trial services can effortlessly get visa credit card numbers by following this procedure given on the website:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the “Generate” button found on top of the website.
  3. On the right side of the webpage, view the information, which is altered.
  4. Copy those values on a blank Word document.
  5. Users can also get Visa credit card information in bulk. They just have to click on “Bulk Generate” found on top of the webpage.

Credit card generators are apparently useful platforms for getting more information about the nature of credit cards.

They can find credit card information, which is similar to those found from the Visa card official website.

Users, however, should bear in mind that these details actually do not represent anything authentic.

Thus, they should merely be employed for educational and business-testing purposes.