How to Generate Valid Diners Club Credit Card

I am proud to say that my Diners Club Card Elite credit card has served me well in the past five years.

Being a bank executive from Boston, I saw one advertisement of this bank card featuring a glitzy and glamorous lifestyle.

I was smitten because I could relate to the promotional display. Hence, I applied for a Diners Club Elite credit card, and after two weeks, I received it.

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My lifestyle as a banking professional includes frequently traveling to various cities and countries for seminars and conferences.

Moreover, I am a married woman who lives in the fast lane and a classy, expensive lifestyle. My Diners Club Elite credit card has greatly benefited me with the major advantages it offers.

Whenever I need to travel to another location, and I need to use the Boston Logan International Airport, I am so enthused to stay at the airport’s three lounges catering to Diners Club credit cardholders.

I usually spend my time with the lounge access perk offered by my card at the airport’s The Lounge, The Club, and the Air France Lounge.

These facilities’ guest fees costing below $40 is certainly worth it because I can relax, check my e-mails, call my family and friends, check the news, and have coffee while awaiting my flight.

When I flew to Los Angeles recently to meet my friend who had to be there at a later time, my Diners Club Elite credit card enabled me to stay at the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse located at the Los Angeles airport’s Level 4-Airside section.

The wine and the Waldorf chicken sandwich were heavenly impeccable! I was also able to relax for a bit.

Being a bank executive is certainly demanding and stressful. Thus, I need a rejuvenating downtime as a part of my busy schedule.

Diners Club recently enabled their clients to transform the reward points they accrued into mileage programs.

For me, this is a welcome development because I am a frequent flyer. I can use the points I have collected in my credit card to pay for my airfares.

I will be traveling to Shanghai, China soon with my husband for the Christmas, New Year, and Chinese New Year celebrations.

My spouse is also a Diners Club Elite credit cardholder. We can use the never-expiring rewards points on our bank cards to settle our Delta Airlines airfares.

After all, Diners Club has this airline firm as among its partners on its mileage program, together with 14 other airline companies.

It is certainly convenient to have this card, though it is only for the upmarket clients. During weekends, my husband and I pamper ourselves.

While I am getting a bi-weekly spa treatment, I usually Skype or telephone my husband who may be at the Boston Golf Club with his business partners or playing tennis at the Tennis & Racquet Club.

Our Diners Club Elite credit cards offer 24/7 personal assistance and concierge services. This personnel is the ones we contact to organize our weekend plans.

The credit cardholder’s protection and insurance that my credit card offers such as the Baggage Delay Insurance and the Lost or Damaged Luggage Coverage are also enticing benefits.

The $300 annual membership fee of my Diners Club Elite credit card is also not bad, considering that I am a credit card client who values convenience above all else.

With Diners Club’s popular image and global acceptance, I feel secure with my credit card’s features like the absence of international transaction costs, the chip technology, and the best-in-class global partners.

Although I have other high-end credit cards, I am certainly keeping this one for good.

I. Getting Further Acquainted with the Bank Card

Among the things that fascinate me about Diners Club, besides my upscale credit card, is the company’s history.

Being an intellectual, I am interested in learning about the beginnings of the financial products I patronize.

What I find droll is the story of Frank McNamara who was the pioneer of Diners Club in New York City back in the 1950s.

Mr. McNamara’s inadvertent action of forgetting his wallet interestingly yielded one of the most influential financial instruments worldwide!

Can you imagine that? He just forgot to bring his money, but that mushroomed into something humongous!

Together with his attorney-confidante named Ralph Schneider, Mr. McNamara was able to issue 200 credit cards in total that were accepted in New York City’s 14 restaurant destinations.

After one year of introducing the Diners Club credit card, the company had more than 20,000 clients and 1,000 participating dining places in 1951.

Two years later, Diners Club has metamorphosed into the first globally accepted charge card.

During its initial public offering in 1955, the company has grown their reach to more than 200,000 clients in 20 territories.

Quite impressive, isn’t it? It is certainly so since I am among their clients who benefit from their top-of-the-line credit card services.

II. How Credit Card Generators Help Upscale Cardholders

My Diners Club Elite credit card offers me extraordinary purchasing power, which is over $50,000. Isn’t that grand?

It certainly is. However, I may appear to be on the upside with this benefit, yet it is a concern on my part.

Why? Because in today’s technology-driven world, the crimes have also taken the next level.

Identity thieves or credit card fraudsters are teeming everywhere. Bank cardholders who have high credit limits are certainly luscious fruits for them.

Identity theft can take place anytime, and usually, they target the unaware and the unsuspecting.

These concerns actually trouble me, especially because I am an online shopping enthusiast. Since I am a very busy person, I usually do not have time to go to the supermarket or to the shopping mall during weekdays.

Hence, I purchase everything online. Amazon, Whole Foods, Target – you name it, I do online shopping on their e-stores instead of dropping by the neighborhood’s brick and mortar shops no matter how close they are to my home.

There are times that I find myself interested in browsing shopping items from unfamiliar e-commerce establishments.

Some of them require credit card information in order to proceed in exploring their interesting and valuable products and services.

Since I am a cardholder of a credit card that is for the affluent clients, I am absolutely very wary.

I cannot just input my Diners Club Elite credit card’s sensitive information on their website! What if these felons just max my card out, splurging with my credit limit of $50,000? How petrifying!

Hence, I performed some personal research, and I learned about the Diners Club credit card generator.

I actually discovered four websites generating simulated Diners Club credit card information online for free:


I studied how to employ them in my life, and they are quite simple to use. All four of them just require a simple click of the “Generate Diners Club credit card” button.

Then, voila! I got all the information I need.

For instance, I went to and clicked the green “Generate Diners Club Card” button to get the Diners Club credit card number sample that I need.

These are the resulting information I obtained:

Issuing Network: Diners Club
Credit Card Number: 5469736630184599
Cardholder’s Name: Gabriel Bartlett
Address: 805-5367 Maecenas Road 128
Country: Guam
CVV: 773
Credit Card Expiry Date: 07/2022

The credit card number setup above follows the 16-digit format of Diners Club credit cards in the United States.

These credit card numbers actually denote something. Here is a table showing the anatomy of credit card numbers.

It shows the credit card number length, major industry identifiers, which are the first digits of the credit cards, and other relevant details:











American Express 34, 37 15
Diners Club – Carte Blanche 300, 301, 302, 303, 304, 305 14
Diners Club – International 36 14
Diners Club – USA & Canada 54 16
Discover 6011, 622126 to 622925, 644, 645, 646, 647, 648, 649, 65 16 to 19
InstaPayment 637, 638, 639 16
JCB 3528 to 3589 16 to 19
Maestro 5018, 5020, 5038, 5893, 6304, 6759, 6761, 6762, 6763 16 to 19
MasterCard 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 222100 to 272099 16
Visa 4 13, 16, 19
Visa Electron 4026, 417500, 4508, 4844, 4913, 4917 16



The first digit of credit card numbers is the MII that represents the classification of the entity that issued the bank card. Different MII digits denote the following issuer categories:


MII Digit Value Issuer Category
0 ISO/TC 68 and Other Industry Assignments
1 Airlines
2 Airlines and Other Industry Assignments
3 Travel and Entertainment
4 Banking and Financial
5 Banking and Financial
6 Merchandising and Banking
7 Petroleum
8 Telecommunications and Other Industry Assignments
9 National Assignment

For example, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, and American Express belong to the “Travel and Entertainment” category. Discover, Visa, and MasterCard are categorized under the “Banking and Financial” category.

Finally, Exxon and SUN Oil belong to the “Petroleum” category. From these two tables, you can determine credit card type from number series indicated in the financial instrument.

The Diners Club credit card generator is also a website with the name of a hypothetical cardholder (“Gabriel Bartlett”) appearing from my request.

I found the website and these resulting details useful. They may look like real credit card numbers that work.

But I am well aware that these credit card numbers are inoperable. They are merely used for testing purposes and not for real-life transactions.

Credit card generators are useful in providing inauthentic credit card numbers for all major credit card brands.

Above all, I am able to safeguard myself against financial predators and credit card criminals. I can always greet myself “Happy online shopping!”