American Express Introduces New App My Offers

A new app by American Express gives consumers more options for deals and coupons. The app takes a consumer’s buying patterns and then offers corresponding daily deals and coupons. Recently American Express teamed up with Foursquare to synch deals, but the My Offers is more in-house for American Express.

By teaming with Foursquare, it would allow users to check in at a location and see the deals from that location. The new app will offer multiple deals in the surrounding area depending on your spending habits. The deals are shown in a large scroll to allow users to quickly view what is available in their area.

Convenience is a major plus for this app. Many consumers already receive multiple deals and coupons every day, and this app allows consumers to have one place to go for their deals. The new app obviously helps American Express by encouraging spending, but it is also an important service to their merchants.


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