Credit Card Generator – Generate Dummy Card Numbers for Testing

Generate a fake credit card for free to test your apps or to enter card details on a website. This credit card generator can generate VISA (13 and 16 digits), Mastercard, American Express, Discover and other major cards.


The credit card generator tool is only for generating card numbers for testing and validation and to use on websites that you think are a scam or phishing. Please do not use these numbers for actual transactions.

Never trust anyone with your credit card information. There are many websites that ask you for your Credit card information before you can access some of their features. Some of these websites are created to scam people by obtaining their Credit card numbers and it’s really difficult to differentiate between a legit website and a fake website. If you do not trust a website, you can use online credit card generators to get random credit card numbers. However, note that: –

  • These are NOT real card numbers. These do not belong to an actual person and are generated randomly.
  • You can not use these cards for buying something. These cards do not have money on them.

How is a credit card number generated?

We all have used a credit card or a debit card. All of these cards have a 16-digit (or 13-digit) number printed on the front side of the card. Do you think that these numbers are just random numbers? If you think so, you need to stand corrected. The digits of a credit card (and of course a debit card) are never random. They are all generated using specific rules.

Have you ever noticed that when you type in your credit card or debit card number on any e-commerce website, the web page will immediately flag a number as incorrect when you mistype even one digit? The real reason behind this is that there are safeguards (against typos) to each credit card or debit card number.

In this article on how a credit card number is generated, we will take a detailed look at the process of producing a credit card number. We will also try to understand what these numbers mean. This is the process which a credit card generator app or website uses to generate random and unlimited credit card numbers.

So, without further ado, let us begin.

Digits in Credit Card Number Describing Card Type

You may have a VISA card or a MasterCard or American Express card, or a JCB or a Discover card. The question is, how will a system identify what type of card you are using?

To ensure that a card is identified correctly, all credit cards will have a prefix number. This prefix number works as a unique identifier for a particular type of card. The table below gives the prefix numbers for some of the most popular cards in the world.

Card Type Prefix Number
American Express 34-, and 37-
JCB 35-
MasterCard 51-, 52-, 53-, 54-, 55-
Discover 6011-, 65-
Diners Club 36-, and 38-

The table above is not an exhaustive one. We gave the table so that you can get an idea of how a system identifies a card type.

Wondering whether we are right or now? Just pull out any debit card or credit card you have right now and check it.